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Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with LRA, a customer (buyer), herein referred to as I,agrees to the following sales terms and conditions:

  • I have read and understood the policies at
  • I have agreed to pay Lal Rakhra in full amount for my order including shipping, handling and tax if applicable. Otherwise, the items I purchase remain as the property of Lal Rakhra. I am responsible for any legal expense toward collecting debts.
  • I agree that I'll pay for shipping any item(s) back to Lal Rakhra for warranty defective products or refund purposes unless it is a result of Lal Rakhra mistake that does NOT include errors made by shipping companies.
  • Shipping and labor charges are not refundable.
  • Lal Rakhra does not guarantee that products sold are defect free or 100% compatible to each other or with existing parts.
  • Lal Rakhra is not responsible for any damage or loss of time, profit or money as a result of using products purchased from Lal Rakhra web site information, and advice by phone, web site surfing, or e-mail.
  • Lal Rakhra is not responsible for any shipping company?s error during transit or the resulting damage or loss of value, time, profit or money.
  • I will not intentionally cause any damage to Lal Rakhra physically, financially or in reputation.
  • Penalty for cheque bounce Rs. 300/- and 18% per annual interest will be payable on bounced cheque amount from the date of bounce to the date of realization.
  • Carry in warranty against manufacturing defects only.
  • Subject to the Jurisdiction of Bangalore Court.
  • Goods once sold will not be taken back unless prior written consent of Lal Rakhra is given.
  • The customer shall check the equipment/material ordered at the time of delivery no claims shall be entertained by Lal Rakhra on any grounds what so ever thereafter.
  • All goods carry manufactures warranty unless otherwise stated in writing.
  • In case of inability to repair or replace the defective material with in 15 days due to non-availability credit note will be issued for which the prevailing prices of the product with 3% depreciation for every month will be taken into account.

Service Policy

  • Material found having problem should be notified to us within one week from date of purchase and same will be replaced immediately across the counter. Above one week to one month would take maximum due to five working days and above month other than hard disk will take one to seven working days.
  • Products sent for repairs should be accompanied with a note specifying the type of problem faced.
  • For the following product service will be provided on site, or by their respective service centre. However in case of repairs to be undertaken, the time required will be informed by the respective service centers accordingly.
  • Sports Equipment has to be sent with proper packing has to be sent by Bus Transport from Outstation.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all material will carry service warranty.

Price and Tax Policy

  • Lal Rakhra has everyday low prices that are updated as frequently as daily. Therefore, customers can get the most current market prices for most items. Lal Rakhra does not offer any price guarantee or protection. Lal Rakhra is not responsible for any typo on the website and reserves the right to change the prices of any item at any time. If you see any price that should be more competitive or not the same as advertised elsewhere, please contact us so that we may consider updating it! We sometimes depend on customers and visitors to ensure that all the items we carry are competitive.

Dispatch Policy

  • Material(s) will be dispatched on the same day on receiving the order along with D.D.
  • Material below 2 kgs Will be dispatched by courier.
  • Above 2 kgs will be dispatched by tourist bus services, so that it will reach within 10.00 a.m. next day.
  • For your own protection do not send cash by courier.
  • Prices exclusive of GST. Frieght will be extra.
  • Please check your Bill totals to ensure that there are no errors.
  • Freight add Rs. 50/- to 75/- per cartoon and Rs. 125/- for materials for out station, in Karnataka.
  • On receipt of your order, we will be dispatching immediately. You should not have to wait for more than one day for delivery except in case of unavailability of material from market, delays in transport or courier.
  • Serviced Materials shall be dispatched by Courier at our expense.

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