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In May 1990 Mr. Lal Rakhra started the home brand we all know and love today, Lal Rakhra Agencies, The Sports World.

In time his son Mr. Sandeep Rakhra joined him and thus it became a registered partnership and family business.

What started off as a small garage place on Cambridge Road has, now developed into a three-storey retail store.

Now over 29 years old, Lal Rakhra Agencies has been a one-stop destination in Bengaluru for anything from sports goods to gym equipment and more.

1) Lal Rakhra Agencies is over 29 years old and is dealing in vide range of sports goods, shoes, swimwear, sportswear, fitness & health equipments, trophies & medals - traditional as well as custom made.   2) Get professional quality products from the leading sports goods distributors.   

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